Your Guide to the Best Skiing in West Virginia

The Canaan Valley area is a premier skiing destination in West Virginia, with an elevation of 4,000 feet and an average snowfall of 150 inches yearly. You can enjoy all the exceptional skiing adventures in Canaan Valley, West Virginia, when you book your stay with Best of Canaan Real Estate Sales and Vacation Rentals

Choose from Best of Canaan’s impressive selection of vacation rentals in Canaan Valley, WV. The team at Best of Canaan are all long-time residents and couldn’t imagine living elsewhere. We are proud to offer affordable and comfy accommodations with superior customer service. Book your stay today in Canaan Valley, West Virginia, to enjoy the skiing trip of a lifetime.

Enjoy Skiing in West Virginia at Canaan Valley Resort

There are 47 thrilling trails at Canaan Valley Resort to enjoy for an epic West Virginia skiing trip. They have slopes suitable for all skiing levels, whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider. However, if skiing isn’t your thing, they also have a 1,200-foot snow tubing park. 

Embark on a Skiing Adventure at Timberline Mountain

Plan a memorable skiing adventure to Timberline Mountain in Davis, West Virginia. This skiing spot is a must for thrill seekers as it features a 1,000 feet drop. They also sport a premium Doppelmayr six-passenger skiing lift that is the first of its kind in West Virginia. This is an excellent place to ski in West Virginia for people of all skill levels. They even have a learning area that features a conveyor carpet lift. 

Top Cross-Country Skiing in West Virginia at White Grass

Head to White Grass to enjoy over 35 miles of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the stunning Davis, West Virginia nature. You won’t be disappointed with the stunning views as White Grass is considered one of the best cross-country skiing spots in West Virginia. When you want to recharge, you can head to the White Grass Cafe. They serve delicious food such as vegetarian soups, sandwiches, and sweet treats. They also have plenty of hot beverages to warm you up! Book your stay today with Best of Canaan for the skiing trip of a lifetime in West Virginia!

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