Guide to the Arts & Culture Scene in Tucker County, WV

Tucker County, WV, is a small but vibrant area rich in art and culture. With incredible festivals and picturesque landscapes, Tucker County is the perfect muse for creativity. Come and experience the area’s unique charm yourself! Best of Canaan has an impressive selection of vacation rentals in Canaan Valley, WV, for your stay. We can’t wait to have you as our guests!

Immerse Yourself in the Art Scene in Tucker County, WV

Immerse yourself in the thriving and diverse art scene in Tucker County, West Virginia! Come and enjoy three live-music venues, vibrant art galleries, and open-door studios. Numerous businesses in Tucker County also actively show and promote local artists. You can find a rotating art exhibition at the Parsons courthouse. 

The Potomac Highlands region attracts artists looking to draw inspiration from the breathtaking natural beauty. The area’s creative community and unspoiled beauty provide the inspiration you couldn’t find in an urban setting. Explore the many vibrant art spaces in Tucker County, WV, and you’ll fall in love. Here is a list of places to check out:

Art Spaces in Canaan Valley, WV

Art Spaces in Davis, WV

Art Spaces in Thomas, WV 

Get Lost in the Music in Tucker County, West Virginia

Get lost in Bluegrass and hip-hop music as it echoes throughout Tucker County, WV mountains. Pickin’ in Parsons is the largest festival in Tucker County and was awarded the 2017 International Bluegrass Event of the Year. You can usually find incredible live music at Canaan Valley State Park, The Purple Fiddle, and Mountain State Brewing Co on any given day.

Tucker County, WV, is also nestled on the northern end of The Mountain Music Trail. This links West Virginia counties along Route 219 to connect artists and promote authentic Appalachian music. The Mountain Dance Trail also flows through Tucker County and promotes West Virginia square dancing culture. 

Music Spaces in Tucker County, WV

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