The Ultimate Guide to West Virginia Hiking in the Winter

Hiking is one of the favorite activities of tourists in West Virginia, and it’s not just for the warmer months but also the cold months. Staying in Canaan Valley with Best of Canaan Real Estate Sales and Vacation Rentals affords you easy access to numerous recreational opportunities and fantastic scenery. You may think the winter weather is too poor, but most of the trails are even better for West Virginia hiking in the winter. Enjoy a swell time in the woods as you go on a winter trek. 

Winter Hiking Trails in West Virginia

Blackwater Falls State Park is located deep in the Allegheny Mountains in Tucker County and takes its name from the breathtaking Blackwater Falls. The waterfall is a site to behold in the wintertime as the cliffs surrounding the Blackwater River Gorge are covered with ice. The falls also freeze, giving an impressive landscape. You can hike the well-defined paths of the park to the falls or take an easy hike to Lindy Point, where you get a view of Blackwater Canyon from 3000 feet above. If the road is closed for cross-country skiing, simply rent a few skis from any nearby rental shop and enjoy a new winter activity.

Other winter trails in West Virginia are Red Creek Trail (Dolly Sods Wilderness) and Canaan Valley Resort/State Park.

Six Tips for West Virginia Hiking in the Winter

Hiking in the wintertime in West Virginia can be a challenging sport. So, before hiking, take note of the following tips to help keep you safe on the trail.

  1. Sometimes, there may be reduced visibility because of mist, shorter daylight hours, or blowing snow. So prepare before by taking a flashlight, map, or navigation tools.
  2. It’s best to go hiking in winter with a partner or a group instead of going alone. If going alone, share with a friend when you are on the trail and when they should expect your return.
  3. Get proper footwear. For example, waterproof footwear would be best if hiking in West Virginia, where it tends to get muddy.
  4. Drink enough water while on the way.
  5. Dress in layers to prevent hypothermia and if possible, carry extra clothing.
  6. The American Hiking Society recommends carrying the ten essentials for hiking every season. They include food, water, shelter, a first aid kit, appropriate footwear, a knife, a map or compass, sun protection, and dry-fast layers.

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Enjoy exhilarating West Virginia hiking on your next visit to Canaan Valley and surrounding areas. Best of Canaan Real Estate Sales and Vacation Rentals has the best rental properties with fantastic winter scenery. Contact (877) 484 8680 for inquiries and to book one of our plush Canaan Valley vacation rentals. 

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